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Our actions

Our hotel not only meets the Planet 21 bronze level commitments but more, as you can see below. Our actions in place, in summary :

# ANTI-WASTE : preventive maintenance, energy saving programme, monitoring of GHGs in compliance with Scope 1 and 2, energy from carbon-free sources, seasonal restaurant menu, Phenix partner (by the summer), limitation of paper consumption via a vast project to digitise media, programme to reuse sheets and towels (stays > 1 night), general room switch, presence detector in common areas at 50% (except lobby), renewal of lighting in low consumption (70% of the buildings already equipped), washing at less than 60° if possible, accessibility information of destinations by public transport, business transport services
# ANTIPLASTIC : ban individual plastic toiletry cups and bottles, eco-pumps for toiletries in the room, ban straws and plastic stirrers and replace them with paste/cardboard utensils, ban plastic water bottles in the room during 2022 and replace them with Tetra pack bottles (made in France)
# WASTE-RECYCLING** : collection of waste water, coffee capsules, batteries, light bulbs, glass, paper and cardboard; renovation policy based on internet/external recycling of furniture, search for sustainability, inclusion of regional markers in purchasing policy
# BIODIVERSITY : car park equipped with electric bollards, use of eco-labelled cleaning products (at 60%), banning endangered fish species
# SOCIETY-WELLBEING : giving preference to suppliers made in France, local wherever possible: Cornilleau, maintenance partners for green spaces, sharing best practices between member hotels, meeting different dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan), recruiting disabled workers (currently 4 employees)


First concrete example Tri-recycling

Nespresso capsules are composed of 90% of coffee grounds and 10% of aluminium. The capsules sorted by Novotel Chartres are then sent to a recycling centre dedicated to recycling Nespresso capsules from several European countries.

  • The aluminium will be melted down to make new objects (e.g. cans or bicycles)
  • The coffee grounds will be used to produce compost, biogas, and in the greenhouse for flowers.
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of coffee grounds transformed into agricultural compost
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of recycled capsules
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Focus Phenix

Novotel Chartres is now a partner of the anti-waste application Phénix. We sell our breakfast baskets there if needed.

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Novotel Chartres is a partner of Cornilleau, an internationally renowned French company.

Indeed, in leisure equipment, Cornilleau, which has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, has established itself as an obvious partner: Quality, Sustainability, Made in France, Commitments.

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