The cheese bell "A l'Epicerie" Chartres

The biggest in the world

An innovation by by Alsatian cheese-maker René Tourrette, a member of the Collège Culinaire de France!

The "A l'Epicerie" Chartres cheese bell is the largest in the world, housing up to 100 cheese references of the best producers and farmers French, Italian and Swiss.

Cookorico, for this beautiful unique made in France technology. Did you know that it allows cheeses to slowly reach the maturity that will bring out their full flavour?

What a delight! Thank you to the "A l'Epicerie" Chartres Master Cheesemonger for letting us taste their cheeses all year round. cheese boards, cheese platters, à la carte cheese dishes or as early as the autumn-winter season: mont d'or, raclettes and fondues with or without jams or onions and other flavours that go so well with it!


Cocktails, buffets, finger food menus, pièce montée...

The world's largest cheese cloche will delight your family and your guests if you have a special event in mind. plan to organise an event.

It's not just appreciated for taking a selfie next to it. Our customers also love its content.

Our Master Cheesemaker will be happy to prepare and organise lunch or dinner for you with the team at the "A l'Epicerie" restaurant in Chartres, all-cheese or varied evening meals in the form of cocktails, buffets, finger buffets or set meals, with or without animation.

Our Atypio or Hotel sales teams are here to help you discover our delicious banquet offers, 2 or 3 course meals, gala dinners.

Here you'll find our quality, seasonal productsA selection of cheeses, matured in our Cloche à Fromages "A l'Epicerie" Chartres, to give you a taste of the region. a festive, friendly and simply good time.

Minimum 30 people.

Photo credit : A l'Epicerie Chantilly, Atypio Hotels Resorts